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Signature Story

Signature Beef is the culmination of four generations of the Angus Family's continual dedication to produce the world's best beef. With a surname steeped in beef history it was, in a way, inevitable that this proud tradition was passed down through our family. Family owned by Blair and Josie Angus and their four children, Signature Beef is a company strong on tradition yet constantly looking forward with a culture of innovation.

Our beef is years in the making. Decades of selection, years of nurturing each animal, months of finely adjusted nutrition and finally weeks of ageing comes down to one moment of savouring. Family owned and committed to the core values that have made us one of Australia's most trusted breeders of quality beef, Signature Beef is your partner in consistent, authentic beef solutions.


  • 1960 Angus Pastoral co incorporated by John and Clova Angus. Company then owned Urannah Station.
  • 1967 Belmore Downs purchased to fatten steers from Urannah.
  • 1974 Angus Butchery established in Bowen and company's prime beef sold through this shop.
  • 1976 purchase of Red Hill and sale of Belmore Downs.
  • 1978 purchase of Kimberley Station ( the company's base today)
  • 1979 sale of Angus Butchery
  • 1981 sale of Urannah station
  • 1983 Blair finished school and began working in the family business.
  • 1989 the Angus family lose their Patriarch John Angus
  • 1991 the purchase of Sondella
  • 1993 the Angus's leave Red Hill (purchased by a coal mine) and Blair moves to Kimberley.
  • 1994 Blair and Josie are married
  • 1996 twin daughters Lauren and Madelaine are born
  • 1996 purchase of Chesterfield
  • 1998 son John is born
  • 1999 the launch of Kimberley Red, a Red to Remember.
  • 2001 son David is born
  • 2001 KR wins three medals at the final National Paddock to Plates competition
  • 2005 purchase of Carpentaria Downs
  • 2006 incorporation of Signature Beef and the beginning of exporting for the company

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