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3 out of 4 ain't bad...

3 out of 4 ain’t bad

The pastoral arm and parent company of Signature Beef, Angus Pastoral Company, scored a resounding success in the recently held National Carcass Competition.  In this unique and truly national competition 336 cattle were submitted to 18 abattoirs across the nation for judging.  Points were allocated through the MSA system for eating quality with market suitability, pen evenness and yield also contributing to the final result.  Angus Pastoral Company had 3 of the 4 highest scoring carcasses in the nation (1, 3 & 4).  In the top 10% of the competition scores (Carcasses scoring over 79 points) Angus Pastoral Company had no less than 11 carcasses.  

Held in conjuction with the triannial Beef Expo in Rockhampton, Qld, the nations largest beef showcase,  the company was also awarded,
Reserve Champion Carcass
2nd in the Medium Trade Grainfed Class
3rd in the Heavy Trade GrainFed Class.  

The success continued on the hoof with a third in the pen of heifers and 4th in the pen of Trade steers in a showing of 1900 head of cattle.
Congratulations to all exhibitors, organizers, participants, sponsors and visitors to Beef 2012.  It truly was a spectacular event to showcase the best that Australia can produce.

See you all in Rocky in 2015.

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