The Finer Things…

Weaners on the march

There is a certain romanticism to the life we lead out here, which becomes even more evident when we head north to our breeding block, Carpentaria Downs.

We have just spent 10 days beginning our annual weaner muster, and I can tell you (straight from the horse’s mouth) that if good beef is like a fine wine, 2016’s crop is going to be an excellent vintage!

Some thirsty weaners and a young horse (6th time mustering) to guide them to water

A little while ago, we covered the weaning process in Part 2 in The Life Of A Feeder Steer (scroll back through our past blogs if you haven’t read it yet!).  Watching our little boys and girls learn to be confident without the security of their mothers brings us such pride in our cattle each year when we go through the weaning muster.  The trust they place in us, having faith that the horses will take them to a place they want to go to, brings a smile to our faces.

Jackson Holloway and Sarah Murray, happy with the mob’s performance

It all comes down to the fact that we want our cattle to live calm and happy lives, because ultimately, they taste better in the end.  By putting them through a series of activities and rewarding them for doing the right thing, they are then calm whenever they meet that particular activity in their future.

Marching them home to the yards after a good few hours eating

Not only do we find immense reward in our weaner training endeavours, we love spending time at Carpentaria.  It’s our little isolated corner of heaven, where the emails and phones are put away, with the exception of a few minutes per day, and we can get back to the things we love.  For instance, this muster, we have a few young horses and young working dogs learning alongside our young cattle.

Young pup Jack learns how to work the lead

The serenity of such a beautiful landscape…

View from the saddle – some breeders camped in the Einsleigh River

… the satisfaction of a successful weaning education…

Blair and his dogs (Felix, Jill, Buster R-L) keeping a watchful eye on the mob

… and the simplicity of life makes the daily hustle worth it in the end.

Blair with Alex Black, keeping an eye on 1’100 little ones as they fill their stomachs

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