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Closer to the land
Closer together
Closer to our heritage


Closer to the land

This is a beef that displays true flavour connections to the land. A clean, fresh taste reflecting the pristine environments in which it was raised. A taste to remind us of home, full of unexpected pleasures.

Closer together

The finest and healthiest produce is always sourced close to its origin. Sondella brings genuine cattlemen, the finest chefs, the most traditional butchers and you closer together. To create a masterpiece on a plate is a partnership of people with a passion for food. Share our passion around your table.

Closer to our heritage

Created using a blend of the finest Angus in the world and descendants of cattle that first landed on our Australian shores, Sondella is an indulgent journey through history. For too long consumers have lost touch with the origins of our food. Sondella brings back a sense of responsibility to taste and the culture of good food.



Bocuse d'or

SIgnature Beef. Sponsor of the famous Bocuse d'Or (the Concours mondial de la cuisine, World Cooking Contest).

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