Catches Win Matches with Beef on the BBQ

Catches Win Matches with Beef on the BBQ – Day two of the Ashes are underway and the Aussie Summer of sport is upon us. How are you fuelling your team?

As temperatures start to rise here in Northern Australia, the chance of rain increases and our Aussie cricketers prepare for a series of one day and test cricket matches. Here at Kimberley we are preparing the pitch and preparing Briskets & Knuckles into our Signature Sausages to serve the hardworking batsmen and women! The perfect game-day fix.


Bowl him a bjorker and he’ll be a walker… Peter Howard, Angus Pastoral Co GM & opening batsman.

The key to the perfect Sausage is the quality of the ingredients, balancing texture and flavour. Blair’s advice to craft the perfect blend in the Kimberley Kitchen is to use Briskets for the silky fat texture (essential to the flavour during cooking). We are using our ‘Kimberley Red’ Brisket which hits a six for eating experience every time. Firstly, we begin portioning our brisket into pieces to prepare them to go through the mincer.


Any bowler worth their salt knows concentration and pace are needed to land on target, when mincing the beef ensure continual speed is kept to create the ideal texture. The next step is to introduce portions of Knuckle, to bring balance to the meat / fat ratio while maintaining a fine meat texture. We aim for a blend of approximately 75CL (75% red meat, 25% fat) creates the optimum combination to excite the taste buds.

Chatter Chatter beats the batter…

Now to bring it all together, plenty of water, a clean work space and your choice of binding and flavouring is needed. Once combined, the fun begins – carefully guiding the casing over the mixture, and crafting into perfect links. Just in time to feed the team on lunch break with a sausage sizzle – what could be more Australian than backyard cricket and homemade Beef Sausages?

The humble sausage can be transformed for any occasion. The perfect post-game platter features our gourmet smoked sausage, the perfect compliment to your cheese platter.

If the weather forecast for today is cloudy with a chance of falling wickets, forget the Weet-bix, and start your team right with a breakfast of Sausages, Smokehouse Beef Bacon rashers and eggs!

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