The Missing Cuts – Brisket Edition

Dreaming of slow cooking Brisket or marinading a beef skirt, but only seeing steak or unlabelled diced beef on the retail shelf? It’s this exact frustration that inspired Signature Beef to bring ‘The Missing Cuts’ to you!

We frequent the soapbox sharing how beneficial and important for both our health and processing sustainability it is to enjoy all cuts on the carcass, but sometimes it’s just not all that easy or accessible to do. So we have decided to bring these products to you directly – from our land to your home. We can’t wait to share all the treasures on the carcase with you!

The first of these treasures is the humble Brisket.

With winter weather setting in, there is nothing that warms the cockles of your heart quite like slow cooked brisket. The combination of collagen, marbling and interconnective tissue allows it to hold shape and remain aesthetically appealing during slow cooking, while succumbing to the melt-in-your-mouth tender eating outcome.  A workable size and neat, rectangular shape allows every ounce to be utilised and no need for trimming!

That melt-in-your-mouth sensation you experience from beef fat is backed by science as well!

Compared with other fats, brisket has by far the highest ratio of monounsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acids.  Sound technical? Put simply the fat has a lower melting point and higher levels of oleic acid which improves mouth-feel and makes it juicier, with a big added bonus of being better for you!

At Kimberley, Blair slow roasts it with a little salt and pepper and seasons to his liking, letting the beef flavours do the talking.

The key to the perfect slow roasted brisket is cooking with the right temperatures at the right time. Once you have this mastered, one of the beautiful things about brisket is its ability to absorb flavours.

Let your imagination run wild!

Like any good Roast, the initial objective is develop crispy crackling exterior. Ensure the oven is pre-heated and roast for approximately 30minutes at 180 degrees celsius. Once the top is golden, reduce heat to as low and slow as your oven can go (90 degrees celsius) for a good 6-8 hours – we do ours overnight.  During the last hours, gently pour red wine (a little port or fortified wine goes beautifully) or marinade sauce of your choice into the stock  that has formed in the tray.

Carefully keeping the top crust of the roast dry, pour off the hot stock and lard for later. We then ‘press’ the brisket by using a flat, heavy surface (big timber cutting boards are perfect) to sit on top while refrigerating for the day. The brisket can be kept like this for several days, simply reheat the portions when needed.

When you are ready to eat, portion the brisket into serving sizes, and place back into the oven tray. Carefully seperate the chilled stock and lard. Replace the stock (keeping that crispy top dry) and simply reheat in the oven on 160 degrees celsius for approximately 20-30 minutes – until heated through.

While a little preparation is required for the twice – cooked method, it’s a simple process and the results are well and truly worth the wait!

Remember the lard we saved? This homemade source of healthy fats replaces oil in all our savoury cooking!

Stay tuned for our next release of ‘The Missing Cuts’ – delivering all the cuts on the carcase to you in portion packs with endless inspiration!

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