Food Heroes – Celebrating the diversity of Beef!

When an opportunity arose to showcase what the beef carcase is capable of, our principals Blair & Josie Angus embraced the the challenge.


Blair’s mind immediately began scanning the muscles on the carcase, mentally matching cuts with cooking styles. The winning combinations were cured, smoked, twice cooked, grilled, bourguignon…

and smoked beef caramel brownies…

 Cattle were mustered to smaller holding paddocks for easy viewing.

The day started with a cracking sunrise view at the Kimberley Homestead.

After a moment of appreciation, it was all hands on deck, kneading Smokehouse Beef Rasher Scones.

Blair worked the dough as QCL’s John Walters perfected his recipe for the next regional bake-off!

  Friends and family arrived the afternoon before to lend a hand with the preparations. Age was no barrier, and 8yo Adelaide McArthur was right at home helping her brothers and cousin hold a mob of maiden heifers steady for the crowd.


A highlight was having Greg Chappell from Dulverton Angus walk through his selection process for     local producers with a line of upcoming bulls. Blair & Josie shared their story about the development of Angus Pastoral Co’s genetic progression.


The next stop was the Feedlot, where Josie, Blair and Tess shared the selection process for Signature Beef’s brands, as well as the feeding programs.

 Soon it was time for our own rations…

…before pulling up a hay bale and settling in for the Panel Session.

QCL’s talented team of journalists had producers drafted off under shady trees with recorders and notepads all day. To read what they had to say, follow the links below:

To all who attended – days like these are the perfect reason to hang up your spurs for a day and catch up with your mates, so we sincerely thank you for joining us.

 Finally, credit to Queensland Country Life & QRAA to Kimberley for initiating and executing such a consumer focused program, we sincerely believe our fellow primary producers share our pride in being Food Heroes.



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