The Life Of A Feeder Steer – Part 4

We left you with our cattle in the feedlot, and now we delve into the final chapter in the paddock to plate journey.

Upon the completion of their time on feed, the cattle are trucked to a service-kill abattoir facility.  From there, our Sales and Production Manager, Tess Camm, successfully distributes all the cuts to nearly 30 countries across the globe. 

Tess’s job involves knowing an incredible amount about the carcase, in order to be able to predict what she will have to work with and specify to the plant how many kilograms of which cut will go to which market, before the cattle even arrive.  She has upwards of 2000 possible codes to work with, with each code designating what the product name is, the age of livestock and market eligibility of product, how it is cut and finally, the way it is packed.  A 4.2kg striploin destined for China needs a completely different code to a 3.2kg striploin destined for Europe, and so on.

Leading up to a production, Tess is reviewing orders, and fitting them into a matrix that is representative of the yields she is likely to produce.  From here she can determine which orders will be filled this week.  There is only so much meat on the carcase, and Tess relishes the puzzle of figuring out where it will all end up.

As you can see, it’s quite a journey for each animal, starting from north QLD, and ending up almost anywhere in the world.  From paddock to plate, we take pride in treating our animals with care and respect.  In the words of Temple Grandin, “We breed them for ourselves, the least we can do is show them some respect.”  Ultimately, that also gives us a distinction of product, because a happy animal tastes better too!

Thank you for taking this journey with us!

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