Ten chefs, twelve judges, three cowboys and Kimberley Red

In the middle of June, Kimberley Red had the privilege of supplying the beef for the world’s best gastronomy competition.  The Bocuse D’or Asian Final held in Shanghai was a wonderful opportunity to showcase our product amongst the world’s finest chefs.

Ten teams participated: China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea.

All had to present a platter featuring Kimberley Red Tenderloin, Oyster Blade and Cheek.  The meals were then plated for judging.



The dishes were amazing, from gift boxes made of carrot filled with beef cheek to a grilled oyster blade topped with foie gras and red onion jam it was enough to make the mouth water.




Whilst the chefs battled it out on centre stage, Blair and Peter were cooking up a storm at the stand.  Featuring, netted chuck eye logs, flank steaks and oyster blades the cowboys braved the discerning palates…….



Of course working with Kimberley Red oyster blades that look like this makes the task somewhat easier.

To finish a gala dinner was held at Mr & Mrs Bund – a magnificent spot on the bund with a menu to die for including his famous “Long Short Rib”



It wasn’t all work – Peter, Sandra and Bryce made good use of their time at the markets.


A hearty congratulations to Singapore, winners and the three other teams selected to participate in France: Japan, Sri Lanka and China.

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